Before you judge the mischievous, you must walk in our shoes. When you do, you'll find out we aren’t as crazy as you want us to be. In the process, you might find out you’re the crazy one.


I’m proud to be mischievous. I’m proud to be a rebel. A Respectful Rebel.


   - Chris R. Rebel

      The Respectful Rebel

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Respectful Rebels Unite!

What Is



Many people we celebrate were Respectful Rebels of their times. They had the courage to speak and act against the group mentality. They were strong enough to stand up for what was right.



importantly, they did it peacefully.

Only those who are weak use force and aggression to push their agendas.

We Are A Team

Our team is made up of important people. People with unique strengths that matter. People who are intelligent and have big hearts. 


We don't want to take over the world, we just want a fair shot at life. One we can't seem to get. We are good people who deserve to have a good life.


Alone we are outcasts and misfits. Together we are the solution to the world's problems.

Slogans Of

TheRespectful Rebellion