Purpose Statement

Provide a fun business environment that inspires individuality and creativity in the people who create television shows and movies, allowing them to be the best them they can be - thus creating the same inspiration for all who enjoy the show

The idea behind Respectful Rebel Productions is to provide an avenue for more people to share their own original video entertainment. Videos can either be shared for a cost or for free. This will be determined through our discussions. My expertise is in business, sales and promotions. Yours is in creating amazing entertainment. I will also be sharing my own videos, shows and movies that I create. Let's work together and make something great!

Based on all the talent shows on TV these days, there is obviously lots of talent out there. I believe it's the existing entertainment industry that squashes that talent and never allows it to be expressed and shared. 

I don't want to own your videos. I will charge a small fee to share them here, but it's not in my best interest to own what you create. I simply want to provide a place for you to share what you create with others and to get paid for your talents.


Facebook, YouTube and others have so many restrictions about number of subscribers and other obstacles to getting paid for your talents. Then they pay you very little once you meet those requirements.

I am creating a new entertainment industry that is based on teamwork and collaboration, not on competition and backstabbing. If your videos are available here on Respectful Rebel Productions, your fans will also find other's videos they like. They can then pay for and support those amazing artists and entertainers.

Right now... everyone is craving good entertainment. People have been binge watching all the old good entertainment and they're tired of it. They want something fresh and new. 

Let's give the people what we want!

Together, we will create a new entertainment industry based on supporting and encouraging each other, not tearing each other down. 

Not anyone can place their videos here. They have to be approved. Your videos have to be good. This is another way I'm separating Respectful Rebel from YouTube, Facebook etc. I'm reducing the noise and creating avenues for good entertainment and good entertainers to be recognized. I also want to help you, encourage you and support you as much and I can. Eventually, I'll be hiring more people to help me with that. 

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Coming In the Future!

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Coming In the Future!

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Coming In the Future!

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