Bullying Isn't Always Bullying 🤔

Sometimes what looks like bullying from someone really isn't.

Sometimes it is actually self defense.

Unfortunately, in a world controlled by angry bullies - a world where lies rule and passive aggressive tendencies are king - those who are being bullied have to use similar tactics to defeat their enemies.

I wish it didn't have to be this way.

But it is.

Bullies make sure of this.

From now on, when enemies put me in a situation where its them or me...

It's gonna be them.

Head these words I'm telling you. I'm not threatening you, I'm simply stating facts.

I don't start fights.

But I do finish 'em.

And I finish them nonviolently.

The truth is mightier than any gun or bomb. Particularly when it comes out of my mouth. So I don't need weapons of destruction. I only need my jokes and humor to destroy you.

Remember all of this.

Never forget that I've warned you of this many times.

Be cautious.

I don't want to destroy you, but I will if you push me to.

You're now fuckin around with the bully of bullies.

I suggest you stop your angry and hurtful ways right now.

I suggest you salvage any dignity you have left and walk away.

If you don't, I'm not responsible for your fate...

You are

I've warned you of this many times as well.

What happens in the dark is eventually brought to the light.

Consider me the brightest fuckin flashlight ever made.

I'm not here to "get" anyone.

I'm not going after anyone.

I'm here to enjoy my life and help others' enjoy theirs.

But, I will not allow anymore bullying or abuse. I won't shy away from stopping it.

I actually never have.

Bullying and abuse are wrong.

They are cowardly acts performed by pussys and weenies.

Instead of continuing to bully, abuse and hurt people, I ask that you learn and understand forgiveness. I ask that you step away from society for a period of time, however long that time period needs to be. I ask that you use this time away to understand how to forgive those who've abused you.

Forgiveness is for you, not for them. You never have to trust those who've hurt you again. But you must find it in your heart to forgive them. You must in order to stop the cycle of abuse.

If you don't, things will get worse.

Your life will continue to spiral out of your control.

You will keep hurting more and more people.

You will begin hurting people worse than you yourself were ever hurt.

From now on, I stand up to our enemies with even more strength and courage.

From now on I fight for peace and Love with power behind me.

I'd prefer not to fight at all, but that's not an option for us anymore. We have been placed in many circumstances where we must defend ourselves and defend each other.

I know too much now.

I cannot just walk away.

I will not allow abuse and bullying of any kind to happen any longer.

I'm not afraid of our enemies. I now fully understand the cowardly ways of their behaviors.

Behaviors of pussys who never fight the childish battles they choose to pick.

These cowards, at all levels, always instigate someone else to fight their battles for them.

Our enemies should be cautious of me.

They should not mistake my kindness for weakness anymore.

My kindeness can and will destroy you

But only if you make that a necessary action

Please share this information with your cowardly attorneys as well.

They don't frighten me either.

We are at the beginning of a Revolution mother fuckers.

In a revolution, your rules no longer apply.

From now on, Love's rules apply.

Because Love is the answer to all bullying and violence used against us.

Love is always the answer to everything.

Here's the best part... our enemies are lazy and stupid. So playing it smart is the best plan.


They have zero chance of beating us anymore.

They don't, because now I've built the strength and understanding necessary to fight and "win" their stupid battles.

I am now officially General and Commander in God's Army of Love

😉 😎✌️❤️🤘

Consider this my warning to all bullies everywhere in the world

There's a new Sheriff in town.

And that Sheriff is me

Chris R. Rebel - The Respectful Rebel

Keep rockin Team Respectful Rebel!

We've got this!

Peace. Love. Rock n Roll.


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