Our Beauty Within


There is beauty within us all. A beauty so wonderful and unique, that us... and us alone... can share it with the world.


A beauty so rare, that no one before us... no one beside us.. and no one ahead of us... will ever posses its special and wonderful glow.


With this inner beauty, comes great strength and wonderful power. Both which are created to bring us peace and provide us happiness with joy.


This strength and this power are also created to bring our peace and happiness with joy, to all. To do so through us and us alone.


This strength, power, peace and happiness brought about through our inner beauty; is best understood through the willingness and courage to seek it out. To find it and to understand it. 


We must first find and understand our own unique beauty within, before we can the understand that of someone else. 


Our own individual beauty is best shared when someone outside us is willing to seek and willing to find that beauty which resides in others. When they are open to seeing the beauty within those all around them.


This peace and happiness with joy, is magnified through the support and encouragement of those we see every day. The people with whom we interact during our normal daily lives.


Those of us who dare to seek, and those of us who dare to find the beauty within ourselves... benefit from the strength and power it provides. Those of us who are willing to seek and find it within others, share in the peace and happiness with joy, our unified inner beauty brings. 


Be strong and be a delight.


Understand and express your own beauty within. And help others understand and express theirs too.